Accra, Ghana
La Palm Royal Beach Hotel
4 - 6 April 2017
Secure clean & reliable energy for West African consumers and businesses
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Gigawatt opportunities in the West African large-scale and off-grid solar markets

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Solar & Off-Grid Renewables West Africa!

Building on last year’s success, this year's programme delivered a sophisticated and highly focused conference that gathered the key regional and international players of the solar industry. Taking place in Accra, our 5th African event transcended borders and had a distinctive West African focus with attention to the opportunities and barriers that are encountered by the solar industry of each country. With approximately 58MW of solar installed in West Africa so far, our market analysis points that in the next 2 years the installed capacity would increase exponentially going past 400MW. 

Our aim was to aid in speeding up the uptake of solar in West Africa, whilst facilitating business opportunities for our attendees. 

Benefits of Attending

Government attendance: meet ministers and regulators responsible for future energy planning from ECOWAS governments, as well as other African countries such as Kenya and Equatorial Guinea.

Current project developers: hear case studies from respected developers with a proven track record in the industry and learn from their experience. Our agenda includes developers from throughout West Africa working on projects varying from 20Mw to 130Mw.

Save money & time: learn from other people’s mistakes and get the right information before you start your West African venture

Meet international financiers: hear directly about what kind of projects will get backed from development banks, commercial banks, export credit agencies, venture capitalists and insurance companies.

Equipment experts: learn what hardware is best for each situation and understand how technological innovations could help your off-grid and grid connected projects

International government trade agencies: hear about on-going initiatives to drive forward solar development in Africa and beyond.

Local transmission and distribution experts: how will utility-scale solar projects gain access to the grid?

End-Users:  listen to case studies of how end users from different industries, have benefited by incorporating solar in their energy mix. We will provide case studies from the mining, manufacturing and construction sectors.

High-level attendees: network with a powerful selection of Government Ministers, Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors and other senior representatives meeting to do business

Delegate Testimonials

'The Event provided immense information on the latest developments and opportunities in the PV market in West Africa and also provided a platform to meet and network with industry sake holders all over the world who are interested in the West African Market.' 

Dele Jagun - Hakman Engineering Limited           


'The event is highly educative, it has exposed me to the world of alternative energy source and given a ray of hope to a hopeless situation confronting our country power availability.'

Isiaka Jimo - Chemtech Group of Companies Ltd

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